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30%Arnica Cream
I am writing a life experience that I lived here in Taiwan and thanks to the Arnica cream of Villa Rizzi I have solved and reached this conclusion.  
I arrived in Taiwan specifically landed in Kaohsiung on 11/11 evening, my dear partner friend came to pick me up at the airport when I got home exhausted after wiping myself I collapsed into a deep sleep. The next day we left to arrive in the shop and office in Tainan I met the new collaborators and ate lunch with them, I was very happy to start this new challenge. After lunch I went home to change clothing and go back shop for work in the afternoon.
I was thinking that there was no time to lose, so when I got to the room I made it as fast as I could, shirt pants and finally the shoes at that moment.I thought I could tie shoes after get in the car, I closed the door hurriedly. Think of it now, If I tie the laces beforehand, I would not have understood this lesson.I fell all the stairs with my back , I don't know how I got up because flight was more than 2 meters.  I didn't hit my head but the rest of my body felt pain.  I got up on my own and put my shoes on, I got in the car with my partner Fong and I told him what had happened to me, he was very sorry and asked me how I felt and I answered well because I was in shock and I didn't feel so much pain. The same day I moved to Kaohsiung in the new store to work, day after day the beatings made themselves pain, I started to put arnica on the body back, the next day I felt better already.  
The lesson I learned from not having to rush to think of not getting to try going at your own pace and doing things with love and concentration because if you are distracted you can happen to make accidents and if you are lucky you can experience them otherwise they can change your life. 
 The beatings always come out later as when we make loose ends we will see the result only in the future.  I'm really proud to work in this magical world of real products full of stories to tell, Villa Rizzi has changed the way I see things.


我很自豪能夠在這個充滿故事的真實產品的神奇世界中工作,Villa Rizzi改變了我看待事物的方式。








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